Mac/Windows issue

I am currently using a Trial Version on my Windows PC and my MAC. After finishing work on my Mac I wanted to open my project on my PC (Windows). However, I get a notice saying that this Project coukld be opened because it had been created with a newer Version of Scrivener - therefore I should check for updates. I did check for updates and got told that I was alreay using the newest Version.

Honestly, this does not give me the needed confidence that this Software can be used for my purposes and that I should buy it - rather disappointing after already having spent some time with it.


Your Mac version is version 3; the Windows version you have is version 1.9.x, nearly equivalent to Mac version 2.

There are highly significant differences between the two versions, which is why the alert. You have three options:

  1. Mac version 3 can export in version 2 format which will open in Windows 1.9, but if you are moving backwards and forwards between the two computers, you’ll be having to do this each time.

  2. Download and install the Beta of version 3 for Windows from here:

It will open the Mac files directly, but bear in mind that it is a Beta, so make sure you back up your project(s) well. There are still issues with it, but mostly Compile is where they’re having to focus, and that you might not need for a while, I guess.

  1. Go to … s?os=macOS

and scroll down the page to where you can download v. 2.9 and install that. Windows 1.9.x is compatible with the file structure from that, But caveat, if you’ve upgraded to Catalina you can’t run that at all; if you’re running MacOS 12.6, you’ll be fine, if you’re running later versions of MacOS up to 10.14, there may be issues (it’s a 32-bit vs 64-bit question!).

As a new user, I’d recommend installing the v. 3 Beta, as it should give you less problems than option 1, and v. 3 is so much better than version Windows 1.9/Mac 2.9, and if you went the option 3 route, eventually you’d need to upgrade and then learn different ways of achieving things.

That’s just my personal opinion, but I will say that my collaborator has been using the v.3 Betas for months now and we’ve had no problems.