Mac & Windows Scrivener + DropBox

Is it possible to use DropBox as the location to store a Scrivener project (or projects), and then access said project(s) from both a Mac & Windoze machine?

I use a Mac at home, but at work have to use a Windoze laptop. I’ve got a Dropbox account and have it synced to both the Mac & Windows machines. Since I travel quite a bit with Windoze machine, I’d like to be able to work on my project from there while traveling, and then access the same project from the Mac at home later on - not at the same time naturally.

Is this possible? I’ve seen an Evernotes thread here which is similar but I don’t like Evernotes, although I have an account.

Take a look at the manual (under Help). Find the section called “Scrivener Everywhere”.

I use Scrivener on both Windows & Mac, syncing with Dropbox quite frequently, following the advice in that section of the manual.

Thanks! Will do!