MacBook Pro Touchbar

I’m sure many of you have seen the MacBook centric Keynote last night.
I’m thinking about to buy a new MacBook Pro early next year.
Is Scrivener 3.0 supporting the new touchbar?


what does the new touchbar do? i noticed all my iWork apps got updated for that

The thing to know is that we as developers learn about these new features at exactly the same time as everyone else. So I have no more access to a Touch Bar right now than you do. The good news, though, is that I have a MacBook Pro on order (which won’t be arriving until next month and cost a fortune thanks to Brexit!), and Apple has released an API so that developers can support Touch Bar. As soon as I have the MBP, I’ll take a look to see how Apple apps use the Touch Bar, and I will be looking to add support for 3.0, yes.

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Thank you much for your quick answer.
Look forward to it. :slight_smile:


To put it in a nut-shell … it replaces the former function keys with an OLED touch bar. Developers can use it to create their own app specific function touch keys or even in-app task related function keys.

Yes, why not. Next year all my write-offs are running out. 8)

It’s very cool, I just looked at it. The whole machine looks very cool. Touch ID is also good news. Apple Watch now unlocks your laptop for you, but Touch ID will let you do much more than that

Yes, my only complain is the pricing (I’m looking for the 15" one in Space grey). Even for a citizen, who does not suffer Brexit, this is quite an amount. On the other side, I’m buying it not for a short period of time but for intents use over the next ten years. I love the flat keyboard design and the giant touch pad. The screen has been improved, too - and I’m looking forward how the touch bar increases productivity. :slight_smile:

I’d love to see the Scrivener toolbar extend to the touch bar, so when I go in to customize my toolbar I could drag and drop some of the buttons onto the touch bar. It seems like a simple, useful way to take advantage of it without needing to create something completely new (which I’m sure would upset users who don’t have a touch bar).

I have a 15" MBP that’s not a year old. It works really well with Scrivener. Dual column display with text large enough for 74 year old eyes, touching the cursor to the left or right sides brings out the binder or inspector respectively. The screen is sharp enough that I can read text that’s .050" tall, though it’s not good for speed reading on text that size.

I expect this MBP to last me at least 5 more years, or maybe long enough that the next model I’ll be looking to buy won’t have a keyboard because it can read my mind. I’m certainly not in a hurry to spend $2,500 to $3,000, just to get a touch bar.

Meanwhile, the touch bar isn’t on any Mac or other computer except the MBP. It’s probably patent protected so that will slow, but not prevent, a similar presence on other laptops. Absent a new keyboard for the iMac and MacPro that has a touch bar, programming investment will not do much for the rest of the Mac user community.

I wouldn’t begrudge touch bar owners the benefit of the technology, but at the same time I hope Scrivener doesn’t become reliant on it.


Well, I think the Touchbar is an optional feature that only gets used if a Touchbar is available. I do not think developers would add features to the Touchbar by taking them off the desktop control elements. That indeed would not work out well.
For the standard desktop an “intelligent” menu control would make sense - means - the control elements do only show features that make sense with the current action.