MacbookAir 11" Sleeve Recommendations Solicited!

I’ve avoided getting any kind of sleeve or cover for my new MBA for a while, but now I’m about to get on a plane with it and I should probably have some better form of protection than the makeshift padding I’ve been providing it. It might just end up in the padded laptop bag, so I’m not really worried about this urgently, but it’s brought up the question.

My main idea about what I want is something that will be relatively thin, so I don’t need a big bag to carry around a tiny computer, but that will provide basic protection from scratches, bumps and bruises. Looking around online I’ve seen some options but they almost always have several poor reviews about the cases not really being made for the newer 11" models, so they slip and slide, etc. Rather depressing.

I’ll probably hike out to the Apple store this weekend and take a look at what they have (though if memory serves, they had exactly one ugly option last time I was there), but I know a bunch of you have MBAs, so what do you use? Pros and cons of your choice? Hit me with it!

I was quite pleased with the Incase neoprene sleeve I bought for my MBP, years ago. I see they now have an 11" as well. That is important. These cases are very form fitting, and have an extremely soft synthetic fibre interior with “bumpers” along all of the inside edges. Best, they are thin, add very little weight, and offer enough protection to be the only thing you put the computer in on most trips. You’ll probably want to pack clothes around it on the plane ride, though, if not carrying it on.

Do you knit? :slight_smile:

Customers who bought this item also bought Tron: Legacy! But I’ll trust your judgement anyway. :wink: Looks nice and the Apple store might actually have one in stock so I could get it in time for the trip. It’ll be a carry on, so that’s no worry. Pack my precious into a checked bag? I’ve seen what they do with those!

People have tried to teach me, and go away crying. You have a good idea, though; I bet I could sucker one of my friends into making me a sleeve…

There are a ton of cool laptop sleeve patterns out there. Shouldn’t be too hard to adapt one to something smaller. Or if it’s too big and made of wool, a washer on hot does wonders (and makes felt).

I likewise have and like the Incase sleeve for my MBP. If they have one for the MBA, that would be the first thing I’d try.


The neoprene cases offer very little protection. I’d say they simply don’t compete with these: … 406&sr=1-6

(There are different colours, so don’t be immediately put off if you don’t like these!)

These cases are very slightly thicker than the neoprene ones, but they are made of the kind of foam that we use for safety cushions at my gliding club. It is “non-rebound” to use a non-technical expression. In other words, if you drop the case, it absorbs the impact by deforming, and only slowly returns to its previous state. Far, far better protection than neoprene. And a very snug fit, to judge by the one I have for my NEW! 13 inch MBA. In fact, there would be no point in using the non-rebound foam if the fit wasn’t good, because the computer would simply bounce around inside the case, instead of the impact being absorbed by the envelope. in general use, you’d hardly notice the difference from a neoprene case, but you would certainly notice the difference if you dropped it. Very light, too.

I suppose I should make the usual disclaimers (I am not an employee, etc.). Just a satisfied customer.

Best, Martin.

PS they seem to rate 4.5 to 5 stars on Amazon.

This thread is veering dangerously close to becoming: ‘The Thread That Never Offtopicked!’ :open_mouth: Relax. 8) :wink:

In my earlier existence, as a, Hairy Arsed Welder, circa early 1970s, I chanced upon an emporium devoted to all things, Hippy and alternative, It was called, if memory serves, The House of the Seventh Sun. Whilst browsing, I picked up a Hippy Underground newspaper.

Back at the flat, I handed the paper to Ange and her sister. Whilst making a cuppa, I heard shrieks of filthy laughter coming from the two ladies (term,‘ladies’ used loosely (‘loosely’, used ambiguously)). The cause of this merriment was the discovery, twixt the covers of the newspaper, of a knitting pattern for a, ‘Keep It Warm Cock Sock’.

To keep the offtopic short. Three days later, as I was leaving for work, I was handed a small package, by Ange. “Something to keep the chill out, ‘s not Summer yet, y’ know.”

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I’ve failed to find a pattern on t’internet, but if you want one, I’m sure it’s out there somewhwere.
Take care ‘n’ watch out for frostbite. :frowning:
Image hosted by Photobucket.jpg

I’d think that would itch?

Next person I know to have a baby is getting one of these for the kid: … ratoma.htm

So basically you want a laptop condom. Just follow the proper inflation instructions for a proper fit.

Laptop cover suitable for a writer?

Has to be a Moleskine!

Sample link here:

You can buy them (or just have a good feel) in Selfridges in London.

The Book Book from Twelve South has been great for my iPad, and they have them for the Air as well. Not cheap, but very well made.

Do have a care, Mr Sean :frowning:
Vic-k has just seen your post, and he’s muttering about buying a MBA, so he can have a BookBook to go with it. He’s really quite impressionable, y’ know :frowning:
BookBook for Air.jpg

I’ll try to be more careful, Fluff.

Meantime, whatever you do, don’t show him this.

I fear 'tis too late Mr Sean, He’s already ordered his Leather Stamping Kit and a book of gold leaf.
He is however, mightily perplexed over the title of his BookBook. He cant decide between:

The Decameron by Giovanni Boccaccio.
Vatsyayana’s Kama Sutra
He’ll probably go for both.
Take care

Drat it. Those last ones are really nifty. Now I want to get another cover…perhaps I should get another computer to go with it…hm…

I did end up with the Neoprene, because it was easy to get in a hurry. Unfortunately it was much more of a pain in the neck than it should have been, because when I was out on errands I ended up nearer a Mac Store than an official Apple store, and when I asked about the cover there I was told they had one for the Mac Air. It was the neoprene, but it was for the old ones, I guess–both 13 and 11", so naturally it didn’t fit a new 11" Air at all (and I do not frankly see how it ever could have, given that the computers have always been different sizes–how does a sleeve that fits a 13" computer also perfectly fit an 11"?). There was nothing very helpful in the packaging to denote the difference (though I didn’t have a newer one at that store to compare to) and per usual the folks at the store were utterly unhelpful about this, as I should have expected–I have never had a good experience at a Mac store, and I should know better than to even stop in there. (To be fair, perhaps it’s just this particular Mac Store, the conveniently accessible one. Sigh.)

Anyway, went to the other mall the next day and hit up the real Apple store where they had a perfectly sized 11" cover that I bought and which managed to squeeze into my purse, so all was happy and the Air survived the plane and multiple watchings of Finding Nemo. Thanks to all for your suggestions!

Um, what occasioned this interest in Finding Nemo ?


You clearly don’t have obsessive kids. :slight_smile:

My daughters used to obsess about these:

Now they obsess about: clothes; men; money; men with money.

Changing times…eh? :confused:

And, let me guess, men with money who will buy them clothes (or even better, give them money to buy their own clothes)?
When I was younger, I studiously avoided that kind of attention by never having money; a solution that’s lasted me right through to the current day. Although, in retrospect, I wonder if perhaps I misunderstood the situation. :confused: