MacBreak Weekly, Andy Ihnatko and Scrivener

One of my favorite podcasts is MacBreak Weekly, which I regularly listen to.

In the last one (#74) Andy Ihnatko fast mentioned Scrivener as a great tool for writing (if not mistaken, around minute 7).

Anyway… I was looking at Leo Laporte blog (the guy that hosts MacBreak) and I had to laugh at his new little twitter post:

@jsnell, @ihnatko, @hotdogsladies - ok ok you have convinced me. I have Word, Nisus, Pages, Mellel, Mariner, and Bean but I’ll try Scrivener.”

Most probably he is refering the nice appraise of Scrivener that Ihnatko wrote yesterday at his Chicago Sun-Times column.


Great, thank you for that - I had heard the MacBreak podcast but I hadn’t seen the Sun-Times column. A big thank you to Andy Ihnatko for the kind words about Scriv, too.

So on the Friday of Macworld Expo week, Andy Ihnatko and I usually have an early dinner, shoot the breeze, just hang out and decompress.

This year, I actually pulled my MacBook out of my bag and showed him Scrivener, which I think he was only vaguely aware of in the parade of many Mac creative-writing apps out there these days. And then less than a week later, there he was praising Scrivener in his Sun-Times column!

Crazy how stuff like that happens.

I should be paying you a commission at this rate, Jason! Thank you for recommending Scrivener so heartily to everyone!
All the best,

I’m a college student who doesn’t even do a ton of writing and thanks to that very MBW I now own a copy of Scrivener. It fits very well what I want froma writing program, and as soon as I had the demo and was done with the tutorial I went and bought it. I can’t wait to start using it for classes.

I’m working on becoming a high school physics teacher and I’m fully intending on using Scrivener as my tool for writing lesson plans in the future.

Thank you. :slight_smile:

It’s nice to discover a program like Scrivener, and it’s my job to communicate those happy discoveries to the world. :wink:

I’m now trying out Scrivener for the first time with a Macworld article… interesting to see the difference between using it for my work writing and my fiction writing.

Hello, I too, found a recommendation from Jason Snell, (Macworld editor) in the Feb issue of his editorial. I downloaded Scrivener last night, ran through the tutorial twice and am just about to purchase it. I think it is terrific. You can thank Jason once again,

Jim in Victoria :smiley:

Thanks for buying, Jim!

And thanks, Jason, yet again!

Incidentally, you should see the bloody great trophy that Macworld sent me - it’s like an Oscar and must have cost them loads to ship it here… I made my better half take a picture of me holding it as though I was at an awards ceremony and everything. Hmm, these things are best not spoken out loud, perhaps.


Well, there you are, Keith. Perhaps it should become the new icon for Scrivener?

…and if the above praise wasn’t sufficient, Andy Ihnatko has devoted his entire back page column in April '08’s Macworld mag to singing the praises of Scrivener, crediting it with the his complete abandonment of Word. Tremendous. :smiley: