Quite a few Scrivener users are also Dropbox users. I know I am. I use the pair to seamless synch my writing between my MacBook and Mac mini. And when Scrivener for iOS comes out, my iPad and iPhone will join the happy party.

One hitch with Dropbox, however, is its insistence that everything being synched reside inside the Dropbox folder. Those who like to organize their work or play some other way are out of luck unless they want to delve into the sometimes unpredictable mysteries of symbolic links. I know. I tried to use them with Dropbox but gave up when I couldn’t get them to work right.

Enter a free app, MacDropAny, from the home of Kiwis and Hobbit films. MacWorld reviews it here:

And Lifehacker here: … ox-account

It also works with, Google Drive, iCloud or Microsoft’s SkyDrive.

You can find the developer’s website and a video explaining it here:

Not on the App store but you can get it from the developer above or MacUpdate:

As best I can tell there’s is no trickery going on. It simply makes creating those OS-X standard symbolic links easy and sure.

–Michael W. Perry, Seattle