Macintosh Magic Keyboard with Numeric Keypad not fully supported

I recently purchased an iMac and got the Magic Keyboard with Numeric Keypad because I have been using that format for years. I like having dedicated keys for routine operations. I initially had problems getting any application to recognize the Home and End key presses. I eventually found that I had to set the System Preferences > Keyboard > Input Sources to US International - PC instead of the default US International. Now most of my heavy used applications recognize the Home and End keys notably Microsoft products. Scrivener is not the only application that ignores these two keys. These are the only two of the extra navigation keys that Scrivener (and Apple products) ignore.

Can you add support for them or at least bury a menu command that I can map to these keys? Or is this one of those ‘Apple makes it hard’ situations?

Thanks in advance

I have never used a keyboard like this on Mac, but I am surprised it did not setup automagically.

I don’t know if this works for you, but to get to or , you can also use the CMD+ Left Arrow and CMD+ Right Arrow key combinations.