MacNN Interviews Keith about Scrivener

You’ll almost certainly want to read the Scrivener news in this MacNN interview: … er.132221/

Here’s perhaps most interesting news, the dates for Scrivener 3.0 and Scrivener for iOS:

–Mike Perry

3.0 by summer? I’d think they’d have already started beta testing by now if that were the case. I’m hopeful, but I’m not holding my breath.

What makes you think they haven’t?

I guess I meant the beta testing we’re used to on the forum, rather than solely internal beta testing.

Given KB’s current involvement with the iOS version, and what he posted on

I would think he’s more likely to be hoping that they might be able to get v. 3 out for public beta testing in the summer, rather than a final release version.

My ½p.

Mr X

This is sort of what my feelings on the matter are. It just really feels like summer for a final release seems way too soon, unless they aren’t planning a public beta. It’s possible that they’ve been working like crazy on 3.0, but no one here has been thinking about it because ERMAGERD I NEED IOS RITE NOWZ.

There is that.

I can’t comment on specific timelines, but I can say that 3.0 has been in the works for quite a while, since well before 2.7 came out. The release timing for 2.7 was forced by the need for El Capitan compatibility, and because of that a number of proposed features were deferred to 3.0. But it’s not accurate to place the “3.0 starts now” marker at the 2.7 release date.


Hmm… I am busy using 2.7, and I can’t really see where Scrivener is limiting my work. The limitations are more on my side, and possibly lack of time.
What in 3.0 will make my work so much easier?

I can understand the need for a software company to develop, but… take a look at Day One. I’ve been using it as a diary for quite some time. Now there is a new Day One 2, which is much more capable of all sorts of things, but all those new things won’t make it any easier for me to keep writing in my diary. More likely distract me…

My granpa was a carpenter, and farmer. He used different, specialized tools for everything he did. He sure as hell didn’t use a Swiss army knife or some other multi-function-tool. I use computers, and have specialized apps for everything I do.

Well, as someone who uses lots of research PDFs, I’m very much looking forward to V3.0 as it finally switches to 64bits and ditches the incredibly buggy old and unmaintained 32bit PDFKit. The refined compile process also sounds very intriguing, lots of newer users stumble on compile, yet other like me want much more power to custom transformations like Pandoc/AsciiDoctor and the like. That is what the rumbles in the jungle have hinted for the new version. This is more like adding a better handle and a sharper blade to an Axe!!! 8)

EDIT: oh and as I’ve just started collaborating with and using Windows, I really hope V3.0 will bring some more feature parity, compile on Windows really needs improvement…

So do I. But I keep most of them in Papers. I already have a fair view of which to include when I write, because I organize it in Scapple before I start writing. :wink:

Except that I don’t think you can have what you’re used to here when it comes to iOS. There are a limited number of accounts to which a developer can distribute testing licenses or whatever they’re called, so that testers can download to their iPhones in an Apple-sanctioned sort of way. The last time I looked (years ago), it was capped at 100. The only other way I know of to distribute iOS software is to release it on the iTunes store, where everyone can see and buy it.

When I was happily plunking away at version 1.whatever, screenshots of v2.0 started trickling out in the forums, and suddenly, I NEEDED 2.0. Not that V1 was holding me back, but 2.0 was so, very. shiny! I expect my reaction to 3.0 will be much the same.

Amen! :unamused:

Are you sure? I have been running beta versions of Papers iOS version via Apples TestFlight. You mean I managed to squeeze in to become one of the 100?
I doubt being that fast. Never happened before at least.

I’m going off of this article: … OSApp.html which states that beta distribution is limited to 100 devices, all of which must be registered as eligible to download a developer’s beta software. I haven’t read much beyond the first couple of paragraphs, so I am very likely missing some details further down, but I had assumed that was essentially the limitation.

Edit; I just googled Apple Testflight and came across this: So the limitation there is 2000, not 100. I guess private betas are typically limited to 100 people/devices, and then the ‘public’ beta can be expanded to 2000 via TestFlight. But I’m making lots of suppositions after a bit of skimming.

1 in 2000? That sounds more like me. :slight_smile:

I wasn’t talking about the iOS app, I was talking about 3.0. I made a little fun of people who only talk about the iOS app; maybe that’s where the confusion lay? Kind of funny if your answer only confirms what I was talking about, haha.