MacOS 10.13.5, Scriv 3.0.3. Inline comments issue

So I make extensive use of inline comments and snapshotting. I haven’t figured out why, but my inline comments keep losing inline state. They revert to document text. Then I have to find, select, and change the comment text back to inline.

I haven’t quite figured out if this is during backup, during saves, or just random. But it’s annoying.

Has anyone else seen issues with inline comments?

I’ve never seen anything like that happen, and I’ve been using them extensively for many years. Since inline annotations are a type of formatting, are you seeing any other drops in stuff like bold, font size, etc?

Here are some things that can drop or obscure annotation formatting, though not with the same result you describe:

  • Snapshots in comparison mode. Since comparison only analyses text, it displays the snapshot without any formatting, including annotation markings (though it will place square brackets around each annotation).
  • The Edit ▸ Paste and Match Style command, which pastes as plain-text. That will wipe out any annotation formatting—but again brackets should be added around the annotated text.

There is otherwise no feature or command that will strip annotation formatting from the text, leaving it as though it were normal text. I’m pretty sure the only way to do that is to select the whole document and turn it into an annotation, then toggle the annotation back off. That’ll wipe them all out, but it’s also not very easy to do accidentally!

I’m thinking this might be a weird bug. Scriv 2 was rock solid. I’ll keep watching and see if I can track down something consistent to tickle the issue. If so, I’ll update this thread.

Thanks, I’ll keep an eye out as well, but I suspect it might take some very specific steps to see, as we have no other reports of them getting lost in any way.

You might turn on Show internal error alerts in the General: Warnings preference pane. One possibility is that this is a purely visual problem—that the annotations are there, but not recolouring and displaying a bubble like they should. An internal error can lead to odd behaviour in general. If you see one pop up, that would be a case where something minor breaks but Scrivener keeps running anyway. The warning gives you a chance to quit and restart, flushing the problem out of memory. So despite what would ordinarily be good advice, when you see one record the contents and then continue using Scrivener for long enough to see if your annotations look odd. Once you confirm they are one way or another, then restart.