[macOS 14] Editors and formatting settings are blank in dark mode

Worked! Thanks All! Let us know when you bake it into the program.



Should be pretty soon now! We wanted to fix some cursor issues as well that got reported, when moving around in some kinds of text, it could cause it to get really tall and awkward looking.

Version 3.3.3 with these changes is available now for the direct download version (and submitted to the Mac App Store to be up as soon as Apple says go). Select Scrivener ▸ Check for Updates... to get it.

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Now it works as expected, and ver. 3.3.3 is kind of a magic Trinity :sunglasses:


it worked. somewhere there was a difference in beta Sonoma & final Sonoma that did this to S3.3.3.

does L&L not have access to the final release of a major new version ahead of time? if so, it seems something this basic would have been spotted. not accusing; just wondering.

thanks for fixing this quickly.

No, we do not. We get the final beta/release candidate as part of the developer program, but we see the official release at the same time everyone else does.

Also, the amount of time between the release candidate and the official release varies widely, and with it the amount of time available to find and fix issues like this.