macOS and iOS compatibility

Hi everyone! I’m currently on the trial for macOS. I’ve heard here and there that the compatibility between macOS and iOS is iffy.

I really want to write on my iPad and keyboard as wellllll as my laptop! I travel often, and would like for the opportunity to have a smaller footprint (aka not being my huge laptop). I guess it would also be nice to be able to write just about anywhere!

At home, I mainly write on my laptop, which is hecka heavy and the battery isn’t the best.

Does anyone work on these two with the same project? I’m scared of writing on one and then it not updating on the other— or do they not seamlessly correlate?

I also don’t want to buy the iPad iOS App only to find out it doesn’t work alongside with my computer (the macOS version).

One thing I should note: I love the macOS’s features so I don’t know if I would want to only stick to iOS.

The project format between the two platforms is identical. You should have no issues opening a Mac-created project on the iOS device or vice versa.

Most reports of “incompatibility” are tied to synchronization errors. In turn, almost all synchronization errors turn out to be due to internet connection problems, user error, or other factors beyond Scrivener’s control. FWIW, I personally use iOS Scrivener constantly, and have never lost a syllable. And that includes the time that a Dropbox error forced me to resynchronize via hotel WiFi in the middle of a conference, and also the time that my internet connection dropped before I was able to sync some changes.

A complete guide to configuring synchronization, including potential issues and how to avoid them, can be found here: … g-with-ios



I occasionally edit on IOS on the go. Main work on MacOS.

It works fine but you have to:

Be vigilant with your syncing and make sure to give things time to sync back and forth before switching. Always close and sync in IOS when you finish a session otherwise you can get into conflicts quickly… which is fixable but a pain.

Have enough space on Dropbox (which can be annoying as the free service is small, then it jumps up to like £100 a year.

Sync often, otherwise it can take ages before you can work. Last time I left it for a while and it took about 20 minutes to sync7k+ files.

7000+ files is rather a lot. I’m not sure I’d want to use Dropbox for that just due to the vagaries of internet connectivity.

If you prefer not to use Dropbox for whatever reason, Apple File Sharing via a direct connection also works. It’s obviously less convenient, but it’s potentially more reliable and definitely more secure. Note that File Sharing is a copy solution, not a synchronization solution: you’re copying a complete version of the project from one device to the other, and keeping track of which version is which is up to you.