[macOS Dropbox client errors] Sync Issues Redux

Okay, I realise this one is a bit of an old chestnut, but…

I’m running Scrivener on my iPad and my Windows desktop. I’ve set up Dropbox, and all was fine for a few weeks. Now, however, when I work on a project on my desktop and save my work the edit only appears on my desktop. If I open up the project on my iPad there is an old version of the project. This too can be edited and saved, but not opened on the desktop. So I have two completely independent versions of the same project which look like they are both being saved as the same Dropbox file in the same Dropbox account. What am I doing wrong or missing? I’ve looked at the Troubleshooting paged pinned to this forum but I’m still none the wiser.

Hello philosophywriter, and welcome to the forum.

Let’s start by having you check on the iPad that all of its apps–particularly Dropbox–are up to date. I’ve handled a few help tickets where a Dropbox.app on the iOS device needed updating and resolved syncing issues.

To do this, please open the App Store.app on your iPad. Please tap on your Apple ID, which should open a panel titled “Account.” If you tap and hold on your Apple ID here and then swipe down, your iPad will check to see if any apps need updates. You may need to scroll down on the Account panel to see the “Upcoming Updates” information. Tapping “Update All” should get your iPad to ensure that all your apps have the current versions.

Assuming that checks out, the next item to review is which folder your Scrivener.app is accessing for the synced projects. From the main Scrivener.app screen, please tap the Edit button and then tap the gear icon.

Next, please select Dropbox Settings. Which folder does Scrivener for iOS show it’s accessing for your synced projects? I suggest making a note of its file path for yourself.

While on your iPad, please create a new test project that is stored in the Dropbox section of the iPad’s main screen. This project doesn’t need anything fancy included, but give it a name you can easily spot within Dropbox. Once the project is created, please tap the circular arrows on Scrivener.app to have it sync that new project.

After syncing is complete, please close Scrivener on your iPad. Then, please open the Dropbox folder within your PC’s File Explorer window. Is that new test project showing in the same folder where your other projects are also stored? Or, is there a second Dropbox/Apps/Scrivener folder that contains the test project?

Hello RuthS,
thanks for your quick and helpful response. I worked through your instructions, and everything seemed fine on the iPad; if I opened my Dropbox online rather than through documents explorer the new project appeared in the list. But it didn’t show up on my desktop. I think I have fixed the problem by reconnecting my desktop to my Dropbox. Everything now appears to be in sync. I have a few conflicts to resolve, but I can sort those out.

Thanks again,