MacOS not syncing from iOS

I’ve been working almost exclusively on my iPad for a couple of months and just today discovered that my synced files are not going to my Mac for some reason. I’ve updated Scrivener to the most recent version and made sure my iOS app is up to date as well.

I tried updating one of the files and syncing it from my iPad while I had my Mac up and waiting to catch the sync, and it never showed up on the Dropbox list of updated files even though I did get the pop-up that files had changed. The sync is working just fine between iOS devices, with the updates coming to my iPhone with no issue. Has anyone had an issue like this?

Possible reasons:

  1. the iOS project could be in the On My iPad section, not the Dropbox section.
  2. Dropbox settings in iOS Scrivener could point to a different Dropbox folder than the one where you’re expecting it on the Mac
  3. you could be signed in to Dropbox with different userIDs on the Mac vs iOS
  4. you may not be running Dropbox on the Mac at all
  5. your WiFi could be inactive (unlikely, or you wouldn’t be here)

Other than #1 above, it’s all about Dropbox and WiFi, not Scrivener. I saw a user failing on #3 an #4 both, after swearing to me she had them correct.

If Dropbox is running but didn’t give you notice that anything changed in the project, double-check #1, #2, and #3.

Thank you for giving me some ideas to begin working with. I haven’t managed to fix it yet, but it also seems to only be impacting some files. Some of them open just fine, others give me the error message about a conflict. I opened one that had the correct last version available (which should not have had a conflict as I had been syncing and fully closing Scrivener many times on my iPad since it was last opened) so I went ahead and resolved the conflict. It now syncs back and forth just fine. But I’m reluctant to use that fix on the files that have a ‘latest version’ that’s over a month old and missing a lot of work.

The project was created on the Mac and has been synced back and forth before. I checked, just in case it could have been switched accidentally, and it’s still in the folder to sync through Dropbox.

I’ve only got one folder where all of my Scrivener projects go, and all of them are present and accounted for in the folder.

I’ve only got one Dropbox account, and both devices are signed into it. I don’t use Dropbox very often because I fear issues like this XD.

Dropbox and WiFi seem fine, at least insofar as other projects are syncing just fine, as is everything else on the internet.

I’m wondering if it’s worth it to try uninstalling and reinstalling Scrivener or if there’s some better way to try and force a sync on a single project that just seems to go into the aether when Dropbox syncs on the Mac.

#1 wasn’t about the folder it’s sitting in, or anything to do with the Mac.

Sorry, I may not be describing it correctly. When I check my files on the iPad, there are sections called On My iPad and Dropbox. All of my projects are in Dropbox, both the ones that are working and the ones that are missing the current files when syncing.

I think you’ve made it clear now. Without seeing the problem, perhaps in a Zoom session, I have no other ideas.

Zoom me

From the iPad side, you can create a ZIP backup then email it to yourself. Tap Edit on iOS Scrivener’s main project screen, then select the project and tap the Export arrow down at the bottom. This will create a ZIP archive.

Once you get the archive to the Mac, open it outside of the Dropbox folder and inspect the contents. If there’s a version of the project on the Mac, open that too and do whatever you need to do to make a “good” copy of the project.

Then, make a backup from the Mac side, close Scrivener, and drag the corrected project into the (Mac) Dropbox folder. Once you’ve synchronized everything, this should result in the same, correct version existing on both devices.

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Success! It took a bit of fiddling with the files, and I somehow ended up with a few more backups than intended, but the end result is that I’ve got the project matching on both devices, syncing consistently, and I didn’t lose a month’s worth of work.

@drmajorbob @kewms thank you both for your help on this! I really appreciate all the time you both spent helping me and saving me from copying a whole lot of content into an email to paste later (as was my backup plan, Dropbox noob that I am).

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