MacOS Sierra & Dropbox Issues

Dropbox and the just-released Mac OS update, Sierra, may not play well together. Here are Dropbox’s suggestions:

The issue seems to be that synching to two cloud services creates problems. You must use one or the other not both.

The posting also says something that’s not quite clear about the Accessibility permissions issue I posted about earlier. Dropbox may be realizing that a feature that it feels is necessary for business collaboration with multiple users should not be imposed on all users. Hopefully, they’d remove that giant security hole.

I didn’t see anything about running two (or more) cloud services. Only about moving files out of iCloud Drive and into the Dropbox folder. And it’s only that you’ll get warnings about the file(s) not being in iCloud anymore, so not technically a problem with data integrity.

Did I miss something?

I would say that having the same file(s) in both Dropbox and iCloud would be extremely likely to cause data integrity issues. But as long as the two folders are separate, you should be fine.


Of course; if one sync service screws up your files, the other replicates the screw-up, maybe even adding its own special scrambling technique to the mix. But that has nothing to do with Sierra.

DT today warning about a Fujitsu scanner incompatibility with Sierra: … os-sierra/