macOs Ventura / PNG files: Serious issue, need advise

Hello Scrivener Team,

My setup: macOs Ventura & the current Scrivener version.

Today, for the first time, problems have arisen since the update to macOS Ventura that were not present before.

When uploading PNG files (two small logos) Scrivener crashes and goes through a recovery mode when restarting. I found the two logos under “Restored files” (see screenshot).
Deleting them doesn’t help, because Scrivener crashes regularly - and not just this one project file, but all the others too, which is why I suspect that the app has been damaged.

If I reinstalled, I would have to enter all the settings again, which would be tedious.
Do you have any tips and is the error known?
(Error message, attached)


Error (7.8 KB)

I am not the right person to tell you what might have happened to your Scrivener installation.

But I can tell you that I just have bravely imported a dozen of png files (all screenshots) into a test project and nothing bad happened. Latest Scrivener version and Ventura on an M1 Mac here too.

So besides from the more pressing issue of getting Scrivener up and running again—all the best for that!—you should give those png files a closer look with some other software.


I have never had any problems loading graphics into the project file. The Mastodon logo is a simple PNG file and now the project file crashes immediately on loading and I can no longer open it. This is now a problem because I had a release coming up today. I have no idea how to save the project file now.

I would second the advice about making sure the PNGs are okay. Dodgy graphics have always been something that can bring Scrivener down, and a quick way of seeing whether it is a global problem or not is to create a quick blank test project and drop some PNGs in you know have worked fine in the past. Trying the same graphic isn’t really going to prove much in this case, other than the fact that it wasn’t a one-off crash more likely caused by something else.

That aside, there are zero negative effects for reinstalling. Software, especially native Mac software, is strictly separate from everything in your user folder. You can delete it for five years and come back to everything being exactly how you left off.

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I worked up a bit of a sweat today, but was able to restore the project file from the backup. It does seem to be the PNG logo, because after I tried your tip with the empty project file, it also crashed. Nevertheless, I’m at a loss, because the file doesn’t seem to be anything special …
Anyway, thanks for the tip and advice.

perhaps edit the PNG with a graphics tool and resave it. maybe resave will eliminate any corruption or flaws in the file.

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Yes, that is what I have tried, too.
I really do not know what was going on until I looked at the source logo, I downloaded.
It appears that it was a mixed file format, such as “logo.svg.png”. Maybe that was the reason for the trouble. In any event, since I am using another format (JPG) there were no further issues.


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That’s not a mixed-format file. (There’s no such thing.) It’s probably an svg somehow given a jpg extension. If an app opens it thinking it’s a jpg (that’s what extensions are for), that will NOT go well.


When I download it, Safari asked me which extension I want to keep “SVG” or “PNG”. Since both formats are very different, what does this mean? Are there two files on the server to download, or is it converting the format, while downloading? When I ignore the question, the file is called logo.svg.png. I do see this just once in a while, often also between JPG and the Webgraphic format (WebP).

It sounds like Safari has a poorly coded MIME type recognition or something, or maybe the sites you tend to use don’t declare them properly, leaving it up to you to figure out what to put for the extension.

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It’s quite common for sites (especially shopping platforms) to sniff the browser and serve an appropriate image format regardless the actual image requested (Shopify, for example, will serve .jpeg, .webp or .heif depending on browser, even if the HTML requests a .jpg. I don’t know if there’s some related confusion here.