[MACOS/WIN/IOS] Working on Scrivener 2 how?


I puchased the MAC/WIN/IOS version of scrivener. I use all platforms to work on the same projects.
However, since windows is not running Scrivener 3 yet I’m forced to use an older version of the project files than version 3.

I am able to save the project with Scrivener for Windows and IOs is able to open it; it will complain about the project being in an older version but when I choose not to update/convert it still is ok and will open the file.

However, Scrivener op MACOS requires to update the project files, but I don’t want that because that will the project unusable on windows.

How to deal with project files in such a way it will be accepted (without the need to update/convert) on all three platforms?

Please let me know as this is THE reason for me to choose Scrivener, if this can’t be achieved then this software is useless to me.

Please note that running the Beta version for Scrivener 3 on Windows I consider not a solution as that requires me the redownload the installer every three months. I’m looking for a proper solution.

Thanks in advance.

Options explained here:

literatureandlatte.com/intr … crivener-3

More here:
scrivener.tenderapp.com/help/kb … patibility