Macro Text?

I’m not sure if that’s the right name for the feature but what I’m hoping for is to be able to copy text to the clipboard then attach the text to a keystroke.

So, for example, instead of writing “Lord Vauld-e-maught” in full, every time I wanted to mention my key villain, I could just hit Option+v (or whatever).

This function may currently exist and if so I apologise for my lack of investigative skills.


Hi, although Scrivener cannot do this, you can use third party tools that specialise in this sort of thing to do this for you. I’m sure one of the other users can make a recommendation, as I know others use software to do this with Scrivener.
Thanks and all the best,

I work with TypeIt4Me. Indispensable! I put the most used character names into it, assigning an abbreviation to each one - for example, *l would expand to “Lord Vauld-e-maught” as soon as I press a space or anything else that signifies the end of a word.

Plus: You have these abbreviations at hand everywhere, not just in Scrivener. While disputing with your editor in emails, in chats, while writing letters or proposals or websites, whatever - systemwide.

I also work with TypeIt4Me and I agree with AndreasE. It saves a lot of time.

Thanks for the tips folks, I’ll investigate TypeIt4Me immediately!