Macro >> Update document links to use target titles

Anyone has a macro that could update the document links all at once for an entire project by any chance ?
Or any idea on how it could be done…


Do you mean that you’ve changed the titles of some documents in the binder, and you want to update the text displayed in the links in the text? (i.e Change Link to old name to Link to new name?)

There is a menu item which does this: Edit > Text Tidying > Update document links to use Target Titles. Does that do what you want?


Yes, that does what I want.
But what I really want is to be able to do it all at once across my whole project.
Or the least, be able to assign a shortcut to the function…

Select all the documents and it should work across them all, I think.

Nope. The text needs to be selected first inside each documents. Therefor, so far, I can only do it one doc at a time.
(And the fact that the function can’t be assign to a shortcut makes it painstaking…)

P.S. Of course, the links still work just the same with or without the updated link-to-title, but when wanting to work longhand from a printout of the whole, it brings unwanted confusion as to what is what.

This definitely works on the Mac:

  1. Make a scrivening of the whole project (select all the documents in the binder and press Ctl-1 until you get the scrivening).
  2. Click inside the editor and press Ctl-a to select all the text for the entire scrivening.
  3. use the menu item I gave you before.

This works without a problem. If it’s not working for you, it suggests that either there is a bug, or that it’s a limitation of the toolkit that Scrivener is built on in Windows. Only support can tell you which is the case, I’m afraid…

Ok. I just tried and, unfortunately, it doesn’t work:
Not only I can’t select text across documents using ctrl+A, but even after selecting text individually inside each documents, the function only fixes the last document I clicked in.

OK – perhaps support can give an idea if full cross border selection will come to Windows too? It’s been on the Mac for years, so I’m sure they want to do it.

I want a Mac !
:crazy_face: :thinking: :zipper_mouth_face:

Ah, sorry about that… :wink: