MacScriv -> DropBox <- WinScriv search index issue?

I’m posting this in the Windows Bug Hunt forum, but I’m not sure if it’s a Mac or Windows issue, please move it to the appropriate forum if appropriate.

It seems that when I create a project in MacScriv, sync it with Drop Box, and then open in with WinScriv (beta 0.2.2), any document I select in the binder has all text selected, and if I click into that editor, the highlight goes away. Upon returning to the Mac, the project’s Targets are off, and documents that I’ve messed with appear blank in the binder until I click on them. This issue persists until I use the Mac menu option exposed by the Option key : File-> Save and Rebuild Search Indexes.

I have reproduced this issue by creating a project from a template on MacScriv, saving it to my drop Box folder. Then I copied and pasted some of the content in a new document, added my own document, and then closed the project on the Mac, and on the windows machine, after a sync, opened it and observed the issue. If you can’t reproduce this on your end, I can attach or email the project for you to examine.

There is a bug in the Windows version where it messes up word and character counts in projects opened from the Mac version, which sounds consistent with what you are seeing. For instance, if you open a Mac project in the Windows version and look at the word counts in the outliner, it’s possible for them to be negative numbers. It sounds as though the Windows version is having some sort of issue with the search.indexes file, but I’ll leave it to Lee to see what he finds and see whether it is indeed just a Windows issue or down to both versions.