Macworld loves Scrivener

Check out the December '08 issue of Macworld! Nathan Alderman, in “Write a Novel in 30 Days” (about National Novel Writing Month), says Scrivener is “my favorite writing program,” rates it with four-and-a-half mice out of five, and uses a screenshot of Scrivener for art! :mrgreen:

Also online here: … howto.html

and not only Macworld. Don’t know if you’ve seen this…!

Michael - that is cool. He doesn’t seem to be a registered user, though, so I’m guessing he’s using somebody else’s Mac… Shame, as Dawkins is a bit of a hero of mine and I got VERY excited when I saw that picture.
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EDIT: Okay, this gets weirder… Apparently Dawkins wrote his own word processor years ago (I know he’s always been into programming his Mac) and called it… “Scrivener”: … f_specious
Bugger, should I be worried about copyright? Did I pick up that name from him somewhere subconsciously? (He mentions it in Unweaving the Rainbow it seems, but I haven’t read that one.)

if ee do do mischeef Capn, we jus set the Portlanders on im. Sorted!

Not so! We love him here, too.

I remember reading that titles and ideas are not covered under copyright.

Maybe the name could have been registered as a trademark, but I have no idea how that works. In any case, it’s not like you named your program Coca Cola. :smiley:

I think Miles is right.

BTW, another Mac-using lawyer just rented office space in my firm, and I showed him Scrivener. We may have another shipmate soon!

Thanks Jacqi, and thanks for the original post, too.

I was only joking about the copyright thing - I’m sure Professor Dawkins has much better things to do. Really, I’m just knocked for six that Scrivener appears to be in his Dock on that picture… I’m sure it’s simply that someone pointed out there was an app that used the same name as his old word processor out there. But it’s also a bizarre coincidence that he named his word processor Scrivener all those years ago, too. I would absolutely LOVE it if he did use Scrivener for anything. Ahem, “fanboy” alert.

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hmm… Dawkins is indeed a Macuser, but just to be on the safe side: can you find his (education?) license in esellerate?

No, that’s what I mean… (Hmm, though ethically should I say even if he was? Well, he’s not, anyway.) He probably just downloaded it out of interest because of the name being the same as his wp… If that’s even his computer in those pictures - the poster assumes it’s his laptop, but he could just be using someone else’s. Oh well.
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So let’s consider that some miscreants don’t use their real info when dealing with others. I only know this because … let’s not talk about why.

In any event he MAY be a legitimate user but desirous of anonymity. Or he uses an unrecognizable ID. We could just ask him.

You know, I was worried I had inadvertently re-used something buried in my subconscious when I registered my company name, “Magazines and Mocha”.

I have had the same hazy concerns about my own “Pamphlets and Pernod” :smiley:

Suitable superlatives fail me, miserably. Im mired in shame :blush: But dont let that concern you. Obviously it wont, since you dont [i]'do'[/i] shame, do y

I’ve developed, in my dotage, a diet of “Jeremiads and Jameson.”

As a callow collegian, of course, it was “Broadsides, Bombast, and Beer.”


Briefings and bourbon? :slight_smile:

I guess I would be “RFC and TCP”.

[size=75]I am sure this is to obscure a reference for any NORMAL human. Which means that about 75% of the folks here will probably get it. If not I beg forgiveness and will assume my accustomed position next to vic-k.

Now if KB, AmberV, or any other member of the scriverati sees and acknowledges this as a “clever statement for one such as he” I will gloat over the rest of the +3 and become unbearably vain.[/size]

Mr Jaysen
With your track record, Id avoid any RFCs. The rest of this crew arnt as tactful as I am.

I very much doubt that drinking copious amounts of antiseptic gargle, will in anyway alleviate your propensity for saying the wrong thing and putting your foot in it. Once infected with foot and mouth you have to learn to live with it. Or rather, the people around you do :open_mouth:

Protocols as such are an indication to us all, of expected and accepted forms of behaviour(that lets you off)…not Toffee Crepe Pudding.