Mad Lawsuits (Split From Sci-Fi Thread)...

Knowing very little about how something like this would work, I would assume that the skin may have ‘melted’ into the pants rather than the other way around - i.e. in the end they stuck together and needed surgical removal, but that it was the skin that altered and stuck to the sweatpants…

In that case, it would perhaps make sense.

Brings to mind a Weird Al song, I’ll Sue Ya. My favorite verse:

I sued Pet-Co
'cause I ate some kitty litter,
and I got bad breath!

Here is a funny one that is kinda on topic for the lawsuit topic.

Back in the early days of the Macintosh there was a legal dispute with Apple Records(AR) and Apple Computer (AC). AC informed AR that the Macintosh would hothing to do with music so therefore the names would not conflict for copyright/trademark infringements. AR agreed.

During that time AC was developing System 7 which had a sound manager and midi component. During that time when they sound designers were coming up the names they had to run everything by the legal department to make sure they didn’t infringe upon their agreement with AR. The sound designer of the system sound SOSUMI originally was gonna name it Xylophone but the legal department wouldn’t apporve it because it sounded to “musical” so he was gonna name it “Let it Beep” as a paradoy to the beatles song “Let it be.” The legal department wouldn’t approve it so he said

“SO SUE ME!” in frustration. The designers loved the idea so what they did was have the head of the department send a written email to the legal department for permission to name the sound file “SOSUMI” which they claimed was a japanese term meaning nothing really. They told the head of the department to send in the request written instead of over the phone so she would not have to pronounce it. “So Sue Me!”

It was approved and till this day is still included with every OS that Apple has released.

Sosumi also used to exist in an inside joke on Apple Inc.'s website as the name of a CSS typographical style used for legal notices.

<p class="sosumi">Copyright © 2007 Apple Inc. All rights reserved.</p>

Thought I would share that bit of Apple Humor

Now that’s just cool.

I love it! :laughing: