Magic Mouse - any good?

I’ve been using Logitech trackballs for the last 20(?) years. And while I quite like them, the build quality is in the toilet and I’ve gone through 5 of them in the last couple years because the buttons keep breaking. Judging by the reviews on Amazon it’s a common problem with these.

So, time to jump ship and get something else. The Magic Mouse looks interesting (except maybe for the location of the charging port on the new ones). Any feedback? Or feel free to suggest other options, I’m at a bit of a loss here. I do have a Magic trackpad as well for the other hand, but I don’t like clicking or selecting/dragging on that.

I looked into the Kensington trackballs a bit, but they seem to have some issues with El Cap at the moment. And they seem pretty big, I’m not sure that there’s room on my keyboard tray for one of those. For that matter, how much physical space is required to use a mouse effectively? I’m set up for a trackball which never moves, so space is limited. I might have to rebuild my desk a bit.

Any thoughts or recommendations?

I’ve used a magic mouse since they were first released. I would say that for most people the ergonomics are far from ideal in terms of hand-shape etc. However they’ve always worked well for my hand-shape, and I haven’t suffered any RSI using them heavily. I would have bought another mouse if it wasn’t for the 2D scrolling which I use all the time, and the gestures. The ergonomic deficits are way more than made up for by the gesture/scroll advantage it has over every other mouse (add in BetterTouchTool to really maximise utility). I haven’t tried the new one, I’m sure I’d get used to it easily though. However much I personally love the magic mouse, I still would only recommend it for those who can try it out first, because I’m sure its shape increases the chance a user has to find it uncomfortable after use. And I know people who hate it…

I shifted from a mouse to a trackball some years back thanks to persistent RSI (the sleeping-in-wrist-braces variety). The Kensington was large and precise and the greatest cat-hair magnet since a black cashmere sweater. The Microsoft Trackball that replaced it looked like something from a mid-season episode of Star Trek, but though less precise than the Kensington it was easily cleaned of cat hair. On a whim I bought a Magic Trackpad when they first came out, and shifted back and forth between the MS trackball and the trackpad as my whimsy took me. But one day I noticed I’d been using the Trackpad almost exclusively; I unplugged the MS trackball and stuck it in a drawer with rodents going back to the Commodore 64 days, and have never looked back. The Trackpad has a muscle-memory learning curve, but there’s no RSI component, at least for me, and I can make it do anything I need to do when writing and editing. Recently I stumbled across my Magic Mouse (which I also bought when they first came out), and it was like trying to highlight text with a bar of Ivory soap.

But everyone’s different, temperamentally and physically. I expected to dislike the Trackpad and now can’t imagine using anything else.

I use the Magic Mouse at work, since a couple of years. One irritating detail: I tend to twist my hand slightly to the right after a while, resulting in the mouse interpreting my ordinary left-clicks as right-clicks. If I am in a context which doesn’t recognice right-clicks, it feels as if the mouse is dead.

I like thr track pad on my MBP, but want a mouse when working on my large external monitor.

Twenty years of trackballs and you’re thinking about a mouse? How curious.

In my opinion, Apple has never made a good mouse. They have all been, in fact, dreadful for varying reasons. The Magic Mouse is no different. Yes, it has gestures; yes, it has touch-scrolling; but it is vanishingly small and the contortions necessary to do the gesture thang get very tiring.

My absolute favorite mouse which I’ve used for 5 years or so now is a Logitech (sorry). It is very expensive. It is incredibly comfortable and the fast-scrolling feature is the bee’s knees for writers and coders. It has 17 bazillion buttons which I’ve turned-off save four. If you’re going to jump off that trackball to a mouse, you might as well be extravagant (and happy).

MX-Master mouse


I have to agree with nontroppo. I was sceptical out of the gate, but truth is, touch scrolling on the magic mouse is the bomb.

As with any mouse, you should reverse the default assignment of the two buttons (regular and control), because it is ergonomically backward. For right handed folk, what you want is right-button for click, left-button for control-click.

Not sure what it would be like switching from a trackball after many years.


Well, no, because I want my dominant finger (index finger) to perform the default action (selection with the default click).

I clicked on the link expecting to see something in blue tights and a cape, but it looks very interesting -

Thanks for all the feedback.

That MX Master mouse looks interesting. A similar shape to what I’m accustomed to, much more so than the Magic Mouse. Plus, since I’m already used to a thumb-operated trackball, the thumb wheel and buttons on that mouse are likely right up my alley.

I’m also investigating the Kensington trackballs again since I realized that Amazon and other retailers were giving me the dimensions of the box rather than the actual trackball. So they will indeed fit on my keyboard tray.

I have downloaded BetterTouchTool to use with my trackpad - this looks awesome.

I use MM at work when coding and I love it, but I find a trackpad more handy at home. When I’m writing I don’t really want anything that takes my hands away from the keyboard (I touch-type fairly quickly). I usual writing machine is a 2015 Macbook which has a large trackpad - no need for a mouse.

+1 for Magic Mouse. I use a variety of mice but this is my favorite. I have the previous version which takes AAs; I use rechargeables and keep a few spares in a box at my desk. The new one can’t be used while charging but I gather it charges fast and the charge lasts much longer. I use the MM with my dominant hand and trackpad on the other side of the keyboard with the other. I like the trackpad pinch with all fingers gesture to show the app icon search.
Regarding ergonomics, I find that having the mouse close to the keyboard and the keyboard at the correct height are important. I also find that I don’t need the gel wrist rest on my mouse pad when using this mouse.

Oh right, I should probably update this.

I stole my wife’s mouse to try it out for a couple of days, and it was just a nightmare. The way my desk is configured there’s very little room for a mouse to move, and I found I was constantly having to pick it up and reposition it just in order to get the cursor from one side of the screen to the other. ARGH! Yeah, that’s not for me.

So I ended up getting the Kensington Slimblade trackball:

It just fits in the space I have available. It took some getting used to, particularly rotating the ball to scroll, and I’m still not as good at it as I was with the thumb operated trackball, but it does the job.

And while I was shopping I took the opportunity to get something else for my desk…