Magnetic Pick-Up

To replicate this bug, you must have some notes near the center of the canvas already. Then create a new note, add a background shape to it and make the shape magnetic. If you copy and paste the note/shape, Scapple inserts the copy somewhere in the center of the canvas. The magnetic frame of the copy will now pick up anything that is already there.

I would suggest to change the paste location in general. Each time I duplicate (copy/paste) a note I have to move it from the center of the canvas. I would prefer to copy - click - paste and the copy would be inserted where I clicked. :mrgreen:

It already works the way you describe, if you right-click and paste from the contextual menu. The only time it goes into the middle is when you do not give it a target location to paste to.

Thanks for the hint. Unfortunately I am relying heavily on the keyboard, using CMD-C and CMD-V for copying and pasting. In this case the way you suggested does not work.

Okay, I’m not following then. :slight_smile: You mentioned you want to click somewhere and paste where you click, is that not a mouse operation for you? Are you using a macro program or utility like BetterTouchTool to enact clicks with your keyboard?

Well speaking of that, something like this works even without clicking, just point and hit Opt-Cmd-V:

(I should note that BTT has a “Trigger Context Menu Item” action but for some reason it doesn’t like Scapple’s contextual menu, so the above steps manually trigger the keyboard events you would use to select a menu command and trigger it.)


I am using both Mouse and Keyboard without any tools. I am used to quickly copy-paste text from other applications into Scapple like this: Select > CMD-C > CMD-Tab > CMD-V > CMD-Tab > Select > CMD-C > CMD-Tab > CMD-V > …

A Left Click before the CMD-V to position the note would work. A Right Click does not, because the context menu popping up blocks the CMD-V.