Magnifying images that are embedded in the notes sidebar

I’m working with a project where I’m dragging pdf’s and jpg’s into the notes sidebar of a note document. I believe those files are written into the project so you dont need the original anymore. Ive been dragging and dropping pdfs and jpgs into the notes sidebar - is there a way I can magnify or temporarily see the document in its original size and resolution if i click on it there? Or does it need to be in a different section for me to do that?

I know i can drop the file into the main editor and see it in full resolution, but i only need to occasionally reference it rather than having it in the document all the time. Ideally i’d be able to double-click on it, expand it into its real resolution, then click on it once to minimize it back into the notes sidebar

Put it in Research (anywhere outside the Draft/Manuscript) and add a project or document bookmark to it. If the latter, you can see the bookmark in Inspector and double-clicking on it in the list opens it in Quick Reference.

thanks! its starting to make sense. i wasnt putting them in the right place. i see that you can scale the document however you want to as well, which is what i really wanted.