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I’d like Scrivener to hold all references relating to a project. That includes the briefings, comments and reference material I get via email - my biggest source of project-specific information.

At the moment, Scrivener’s binder doesn’t appear to leverage the drag’n’drop functionality that Leopard Mail provides (although it does work in the bookmarks pane of the Inspector).

How about adding the ability to drop Mail messages into the binder, and have them open in Mail on a double click?

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That would indeed be a very good feature, expecially since most people (including mysself) don’t like to write letters, so everything comes as an emal :slight_smile:


Mail is a private Apple app and there is no public API available for integrating with it, so I am afraid that this would be very difficult. What you can do is just select all of the text you want in Mail, and drag that across to the binder - that will create a new document containing the selected text. (I have researched accepting drags from Mail’s list of e-mails before, and there is no real way of doing it because the drags contain a private format that has not been released by Apple).

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I use the Services menu for this – set up a keyboard shortcut to clip selected items in a Mail message (or browser window or whatever) to Scrivener. It creates a new document in the Binder window, which you then have to retitle. Does that process bring in all the info you need?

I haven’t researched this too much, so forgive me if I am incorrect. But I thought the new mail offered a new url scheme that allows links to work automatically. You just have to accept the pboard type, and you’re set.

More info at:

brett: the Services menu does the job, but drag and drop, with the ability to call up the original message and its attachments from within Scrivener, would be better and slicker. Not essential perhaps, but good.

fletcher: that’s what I thought too, which is why I made the suggestion.

KB: Thanks for the response (and I hope Leopard really IS different). Virtually all correspondence relating to writing assignments travels via email now, so it seems logical to keep that correspondence in the same location as the assignment drafts themselves - now that you’ve created the expectation that it’s possible.

Some form of direct Mail interaction would be great, someday, if Apple ever lets its APIs off the leash.


You can drag Mail messages into Scrivener’s text which will create a link that you can click on to open it in Mail. I may look into adding the ability to create a similar link in the References panel at some point. However, you won’t be able to drag it into the binder and then click in the binder to open it in Mail, as this is not the way Scrivener works ever - there are no reference files in the binder. That may change in 2.0, but not in 1.0.

I, too, lament every occasion that forces me to leave Scrivener’s warm, loving embrace, but unless and until we get the instant feature you request, I’ll just continue the only slightly less convenient workaround of clipping editors’ assignment emails and dragging attachments that don’t automatically follow (photos and soundclips do, documents don’t) to the Research folder. Always handy to keep that original assignment safe in Scrivener as well as elsewhere. In fact, I often use the assignment clipping as the parent document that contains as its children all my research on an assignment. I love that little Scrivener feature that lets the container be a document or a folder.

Yes, I’m looking a gift horse in the mouth. Scrivener does pretty much what I want it to do, just not the way I want to do it. I think I can hang in there for version 2.0. Although what a v2 can do that v1 can’t baffles the imagination.

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Right, I’ve been looking into e-mail integration with Mail, with not much luck.

Firstly, to address the OP’s suggestion of being able to drop e-mails from Mail into Scrivener’s binder and then be able to double-click on them in the binder to open them in Mail:

This is contrary to the way the binder works. The binder is a place where information is imported into Scrivener. Were you to click on something in the binder to open it in a different app, that would be more like a reference which is what the References pane in the Inspector is for.

Plus, as the OP notes, in Leopard you can already drag mails from Mail into the Inspector in Scrivener. You can then double click on the link created in the Inspector to open it in Mail. The only drawback is that the Inspector calls the link “URL”, so you have to name it yourself. I’ve read the Daring Fireball article, but unfortunately it seems that how you get the message title from the passed-in URL is completely undocumented, so I have no way of knowing (the built-in OS X text view does this automatically - if you drag a message from Mail into the text area of Scrivener, a link is created with the e-mail subject as the text of the link, so there is a way to do it; but unfortunately the code that does this is completely private).

Thus, Scrivener already integrates with Mail insofar as is possible - you can create links to messages in the text or in the References pane (project or documents). Clicking on them opens them in Mail. (Leopard only.)

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