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I am using latest Apple MacOS and latest Scrivener. Apple Mail. I want to make a link to an email I want to get back to using scriverner. I can’t see a way to do this? Can’t drag the email as it just gives me a text title. Can’t drag it onto the email part of the link box as that is still just the title and is not a valid link path.

I see no way in mail to show the original file. Then I could drag that to the file link but there has to be an easier way than to search outside mail for the actual mail file and then set a link to that?

Does anyone already know how to do this?

Much thanks

For me, I drag the email from Mail and drop it on a text file in Scrivener at a suitable insertion point. This creates a link that opens the email when clicked. See video link below.

Not the same for you?

Curiously, yes and no. I had tried it on an advertised sale this morning and it did not work. Trying the same again, it still will not work.

Trying again after watching your example (thanks for that) and on an individual’s email for some reason, does work just as your video shows. I cannot differentiate better at the moment what worked and what does not work. Notifications for this forum, does drag as an active link. Another list I am on for veterans issues, will drag title only and is not linking. As I already mentioned, the sale blurb from Affinity I may (or may not) take action on over the next few days did not drag as an active link.

Not sure the rhyme or reason for this? Open to ideas.

I’m not sure about Mail, but with Postbox and MailMate when you drag a message into a place that takes a URL drop, creates a hyperlink or even just takes a plain-text drop, you get a special protocol link (‘message://’ is what I get) back to the software’s internal database which should load the email upon clicking or double-clicking the reference.

That part is pretty basic, it’s just a text URL (and optionally a rich text hyperlink with the URL embedded), Scrivener doesn’t itself need to do anything special to support it. So whether the URL is properly generated and properly loaded is entirely up to the mail program.

So if for some reason Mail is having issues dropping a URL to certain types of email, maybe try another context for the drop, and failing that, another program (like I say, even TextEdit in plain-text mode may take a URL drop), and see if it is working as a general theory.

Thanks for the ideas. It is sad to me that so many good Mac Mail programs have folded that I once used, Claris Emailer, Eudora, MailSmith. Had an early subscription too PostOffice and used Thunderbird for a while. Trying to stick with just one for now and really hoping to rely on Apples Mail. Sigh.

I really do regret upgrading to Sierra as it has been quite problematic for me. First I had problems with it losing all my network settings and it cost me a couple of days of productivity to sort all that out. I am having all sorts of trouble getting spotlight to re-index and my finding programs are not completely accurate now (I still don’t have that sorted). I have researched both issues in online forums and I am definitely not the only one with these problems. Mail has been a bit flaky too. Just now I retested those drags that would not work yesterday that I mentioned in my post and, they are working - for now.

We are in a new era without Steve Jobs a the helm. Quality seems to be slipping. Thank goodness for the stability of scrivener.

Well, to be fair a lot of the problems you listed with Mail in the 10.12 update were problems that caused me to abandon it several years ago (around 2010, though I have tried it a few times since then). I don’t recall that program ever being particularly stable, efficient or reliable with networking and never was it capable of providing a small fraction of features I consider essential.

Point being, it was a featureless lemon back when Jobs was still around, so in that sense I do believe Apple has faithfully carried the torch. (You are right though, without Jobs Apple is heading where Microsoft was in terms of ethos, and meanwhile Microsoft is joining the Linux Foundation and opening up development tools to the Mac, crazy times).

MailMate is not bad by the way, not bad at all. I’ve been using it for a couple of months now (after a generous 30-day demo like Scrivener has). It’s not going to do for people that like to treat email as a formatted document, although it will display them when you get them, one composes using Markdown. I consider that a positive feature though. :slight_smile: The developer is responsive and seems to have a solid grasp on what he’s doing. I’ve seen some UI bugs during the 10.12 transition, but the IMAP/SMTP stuff is even more solid than Thunderbird core, and the search index is impressive from a performance standpoint as well as in the breadth of available criteria and how they can be combined. Hmm, it does kind of remind me of MailSmith in some of those regards. It doesn’t waste much time on fashion design, but it has depth that matters.

I liked MailSmith but I did not like the developers and the other power users insistence that it be highly script dependent as in, no smart or saved searches were available in MailSmith. That was great if you were good at writing applescripts, I have never been good at that. Still it was solidly built and dependable. I have also always appreciated being able to play with my color pallets with the font and background colors. This both helps with eye strain and frankly, eases boredom.

I will have to look at MailMate for a while though before putting more money out. I have spent too much money on too many osX email alternatives only to see them go out of development in a few years. The reason I went back to Mail is that I was tired of relearning new email programs, getting my hopes up and hten, they turn to dust. I just wanted to just get on with one that worked over time.

So I will definitely consider MailMate, but slowly.


More on Mails problems here:

Mailmate is great, but it’s only IMAP. If you have also an Exchange account you need something else too. Which is obviously annoying. That’s why I am also back to Mail :slight_smile: