Mailing list and review buttons in eBook


Very happy with Scrivener and I realize that this request may be beyond it’s ability, but here goes.

Lately I’ve heard of two things that every eBook should be including.

  1. Mailing list subscribe button - This is a “button” (link?) at the front and the back of the eBook that will place the person who is reading the book into a mailing list for future books, info, etc.

  2. Review button - This is a button (link?) that when clicked on by the reader (I assume it would be on the last page of the book) would take the reader to a web site (Amazon?) to enter their review/ranking of the book.

Is anyone else doing this in their books? And, if so, is this something I can put into my book in Scrivener, or do I have to do it outside in a separate application like Sigil?

These sound like VERY good things to have, but although they “sound” commonplace, I’m finding it difficult to find a description on how to put them in my eBook.

Note that I do have a “follow me” button/widget at my website on ( That should (eventually : ) provide me with a mailing list. Perhaps I should also have some sort of “review my book” widget on the site? I’ll have to investigate that option also.

Anyway, any help would be appreciated.



Yes, these types of things are done with links. There isn’t a formal “button” in an e-book for this type of stuff. You’re free to add whatever hyperlinks you wish to your book, just create them as ordinary text links by pasting the URL into your text, or selecting the text you wish to link, and using Edit/Add Link…. The same goes for rating on Amazon, but do note that Amazon already prods the reader about rating the book (and in fact provides a handy pop-up interface for doing so) when they finish reading it.


Ah, the edit/add link will be easy enough. I can do that : )

Also, thanks for the head’s up about Amazon automatically requesting a review. I wasn’t aware of that process. I’m just about to finish my (not one I author’d : ) first eBook I got off of Amazon on my kindle, so I’ll see how that auto-request for a review works soon enough. I’m such a newbie.