Mailing List?


I signed up for the mailing list in November 2010… haven’t had any e-mails yet! Is it only going to be used when the Windows version is available to buy?

Just wondering…

(And yes, I have checked my spam…)


Same with me! I was hoping I wasn’t the only one experiencing this. Perhaps they’ve just been too busy to send updates via e-mail? They’ve been working their arses off to get this done, so I suspect that they’ve just not had the time/energy/patience to formulate an e-mail every time there’s an update. At least they post updates on the forums, though. :wink:

Hi there guys. I’m on the list myself and it’s all been quiet, so you’ve not missed anything.

Check this recent thread where the good folks at L&L explain why the mailing list has been silent…


Essentially (to save you a trip over), they don’t want to bore those eagerly awaiting news of the full release with updates on the beta iterations that might make them want to unsubscribe.

Yes, it’s kind of assumed that if you are using the beta, you’ll be on the forums on a semi-regular basis—if not just to refresh elapsed copies, but to participate in quality and bug discussions. If you want to avoid loading the forum in your browser, you could sign up for the RSS feed. With a reader that can do filtering, it would be easy to keep things relevant in your feed reader. Right now the RSS feed is just a huge dump of everything post that gets made. We’re looking to improve that so specific areas of the forum can have their own feeds. This wasn’t a huge deal in the past, but with two platforms sharing a forum, it will be more important going forward.