main edit window, inspector don't resize properly when resizing or adding/removing inspector

Using 10.15 on 2017 macbook pro. I was using the ‘three panel corkboard’ view. At first, there was a ~1cm gap between the inspector and the edge of the window, which wouldn’t go away by resizing the main window or the inspector. Eventually by adding and removing the inspector it became larger than the window, that is, it trailed beyond the limit of the window, and I could see (but not scroll sideways to) the 10% or so of the inspector that was outside of the window. I used view options to hide the inspector, and now my main compose window is outside of the scrivener window; if i reduce the zoom, it just re-centers a smaller document half outside of the viewable window; here I can see it all if I expand the scrivener window to full screen on a 4k 28 inch monitor. More playing around and pieces of the binder disappear. I can’t specify the exact steps because this is just a series of bad display errors from normal operation. Frightening given the money I just spent on the macos and ios apps!

Have you upgraded to Scrivener 3.1.4 yet?