Main Editor does not move to fit the screen

Hi I have a project that’s having a strange issue. I am using Mac (OSX Catalina final release). The windows are not reflowing to fit the screen when I resize the window on a specific project. I am not talking about the “center main editor” feature which makes no difference whether it is enabled or disabled. I mean the programs windows seem stuck in a specific position, resizing the window on my Mac does not move the editor or inspector. I tried a brand new project and it does not seem to have this issue. Any suggestions ?

Here is an example :
(I tried to attach and got a board quota reached error)

The Catalina compatibility upgrade was just released. See the official announcement:


I’m still having this problem on my I mac - in Catalina - This is really odd - If I want to make the Editor window larger - It does not expand to fit the program window.

Do you have Scrivener v. 3.1.5? If not, please update.