Main Editor doesn't remember where I was [BUG LOGGED]

This is the first bug I’m reporting so if there’s a better way I can do this, I’m all ears.

I’m going through the tutorial for S. 1.2 (I found that hotfix) and one of the first tasks it asks us to do is click over to a research picture in the binder, then back to the editor’s Step 1 page. I did so and found I needed to scroll down in order to find my place in the text again. This happens even if I place my curser where I was reading.

-Show a page in the main editor, any page with enough text to scroll. Scroll anywhere other than the very top.

-Click to another page in the binder

-Return to the previous page. Your scroll bar will have returned to the top of the page.

When I returned to the previous page I expected my place (Scrolled down) to have been maintained.

If I’m running around on page 256 of my novel I can find this getting very annoying, very fast.
I looked around for someone who already reported this and didn’t see one. If I just missed it, please link to that first post and lock this one. Thanks :smiley:

This bug has already been reported and logged and should be fixed in an upcoming release.

Ah, excellent. I feared I was duplicating a report. Thank you!

Bumping this up because the issue was not fixed in 1.3