main screen won't hide when another app used

I am using the latest Scriv with Mac OSX Lion (up to date) and have noticed that when I am using the main screen in Scrivener and want to use another application (e.g. Finder or Safari), that the main screen does NOT give way to the active app. It just stays there and I have to consciously minimize it or move it to a different part of the screen.
I cannot find a command that allows for other active apps to take priority over screen space. I am sure there is one but what is it.
I have used Scrivener for several years and can’t recall this being an issue, but it is one now.

Many thanks


Hi Don,

In the “Window” menu, check “Float Window”. Is it ticked? If so, select “Float Window” again to deselect it - it sounds as though you have activated it at some time. “Float Window” is a feature that allows you to keep the Scrivener window over the top of other apps (e.g. for note-taking purposes).

All the best,

That’s it. Works OK now.
Many thanks.