Main Toolbar Not Appearing in Tutorial (035)

Hi all,

Since this has been coming up a bit, understandably, I thought maybe a sticky post here would be helpful. When working through the Interactive Tutorial project, you’ll find that it makes reference to a bunch of useful icons in the main toolbar at the top of the project window–and that toolbar isn’t actually visible in the project. We’ve fixed that for the next update, but for now you can turn it on by selecting View>Toolbar. The format bar is likewise not showing, and you can turn it on by selecting Format>Show Format Bar.

Sorry to those of you who’ve gotten quite confused by this!

I downloaded the latest NaNo version yesterday, and went through the interactive tutorial as a refresher, and found some other stuff wrong/confusing/different than expected. Quotes from the tutorial in between **:

** Let’s take a look at the Header View. See that bar at the top of the text, the one that has the arrows on the left of it and says “Step 2: Header View” in it? **

The header view wasn’t visible until I found and did, uh, alt-up arrow.

If necessary, you can reset them to the defaults by clicking on the “Defaults” button in the Options dialogue, available under Edit > Options;

Uh, there’s no Options under Edit…
editing to say, I found the Options under Tools, I think that’s the one you mean.

Edited because I found out most of the mistakes I cited were due to operator malfunction. Sorry! :blush:

Maybe even the header not showing is due to choices I made in a previous version being carried over?

But the Edit>Options definitely should be changed.

Thanks for catching this, we’ll take a look!