Main toolbar not appearing

I’ve only just downloaded Scrivener and have been running through the interactive tutorial to familiarise myself with the programme. I started to wonder if something wasn’t right when the tutorial told me to click the inspector button on the top right of the toolbar - I had no such thing! Once you get to the second part of the tutorial, there’s other things in the main toolbar I’m told to click, but my main toolbar just isn’t showing up.

I’ve tried editing the toolbar - adding something then removing it again - to see if that would reset it as it were, but no such luck.

Am I missing something blindingly obvious here? :neutral_face: How do I get the main toolbar to show in the window?


Ah! Solved it thanks to a previous post - sorry!

Well, what was the solution?

I am going through the tutorial again to re-familiarize myself with features I haven’t used much before and learn about newer features, and I am having the same problem. The tutorial says to open the inspector by clicking on the button. I know what the inspector is and how to access it from the View menu, but it didn’t occur to me that a toolbar was missing, so you’'re ahead of me in that respect.

Ah, finally found it at the bottom of the View menu.

The tutorial needs to be updated to reflect that it apparently defaults to a view without the main toolbar. (I guess that’s what happening.)

Sorry, yes, we caught that and it’s been fixed for the next update. Whether or not the main toolbar is showing was a global setting, but it got switched at some point to project-specific and the tutorial didn’t get the memo.

I just installed the Windows beta and didn’t have the inspector when going through the tutorial. Without reading your messages, I doubt that I would have found it. All these small details are so important.

Thanks for the update, Jennifer! I haven’t finished going through the tutorial again but is there a particular place you’d like me to post any other anomalies I find?

Go ahead and send any problems you have with the tutorial to support [size=60]at[/size] literatureandlatte [size=60]dot[/size] com. I’ll catch them there.