Main/top binder folder greyed out when trying to copy files, other folders, and items from templates folder

Any idea why the main folder and all of the subfolders show as gray and cannot have other items copied or moved into them?

Thanks! Scrivener community is the best!

I don’t know what you are referring to as the main folder, but given that it isn’t letting you copy things into it, there is only one area that acts that way and it is the Draft folder, when trying to put things into it that wouldn’t logically fit into an exported document (like a PDF file, video or raw image not found inside of a text file).

Try dragging just one text item and see if that works, and if it does, pay mind to what is in your selection when copying larger groups of things.

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Thank you so much!

That is exactly what was happening…

I moved the root folder for the adventure Im working on out of the Drafts folder and now I can copy/move files folders in and out as expected.

Really appreciate you taking a minute to explain about the Draft folder.


Yes, but you can’t Compile those documents.

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Thank you so much for the heads up. Yes. I am aware of that.

I am using scrivener as a campaign/adventure writing and organizing app to use during a roll playing game I am playing with the kids/some friends.

I do not intend to print or publish. I have the laptop behind the privacy screen and play the adventure right off of the Scrivener app. It works so good. All of the characters and maps and notes and links in an easy to navigate format.

Super nerdy I know… Kinda embarrassing… :joy:

Thanks again for the the info. Newbie Scrivener user really appreciate it.


I have a lot of projects where I never use the Draft folder. I just drag it to the bottom of the binder so it stays out of the way. Creating your own top level folders and giving them custom icons is a good way of using Scrivener more like a general note taking tool.

Sounds like fun!

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