Main website should be iOS friendly

Hi Keith,

I kept thinking perhaps there was something wrong with my iPod because your main scriv page kept on going to the desktop version and not the iOS version. Then it dawned on me that perhaps you hadn’t made it yet.

I know on some previous convo you mentioned that you would be working on improving the website. This is just an addendum to that in the hopes that you make the site iOS friendly.

works fine for me on iPhone and iPad.

I suggest not a priority for money/time expenditure by Literature and Latte. if they have unlimited money and time, then maybe.


It looks fine on my iPad, iPhone, aWatch (j/k).

Yeah, I’m wasting too much time here thinking about silly little things in lieu of studying. Still, a mobile website is something many companies, who make mobile products, sort of…have. :wink:

Please don’t spend any time/money/attention on the web site for this purpose. Looks fine to me.

I’m not sure what is meant by there not being a mobile theme in the first place. It definitely does, though since it is width based, it may be your iPad has enough space to show the normal site.

Maybe it’s the iPod. iPads work great here.

I have little experience though,having only purchased my iOS Scrivener app last week. This is my first post here, ever. I’ve lurked on this website for about a week, and it’s been an exciting experience. It is not limited like mobile-specific apps are. In fact, it’s easy to negotiate L&L on my iOS devices. Both the Scrivener app and website are so intuitive, that they can be learned and navigated with ease. Harder for me though, is writing about something.

Regarding the website–what’s to improve?

Glad to hear it’s been a good experience. :slight_smile:

There is surely always something to improve, and we do have a list of things for the web devs to look into the next time we touch up the site, but by and large we’re happy with both desktop and mobile designs.

Wasn’t the original post in this threat from before the redesign? Someone clearly felt strongly enough to dig up a two year old thread!

Oh, and I was looking all over for something that wasn’t user friendly; some kind of an iOS website issue that was important enough to cause a rant.

Thanks for catching that one.