Maintain different font sizes during compile for PDF?

I’m using Scrivener to produce my e-book in different formats, and so far it’s been working great. But I also want to produce a pdf-version of my e-book for those who need this format. I’ve come pretty far in understanding how this works, and I’ve got a fairly decent looking pdf coming along. However, I really want my headlines for each chapter to be in a larger size than the body text. But when I compile, it always comes out in 12 pt. I have used the “Title” formatting preset within Scrivener to set it at a larger size.

How can I maintain this during compile?


Compiled document formatting is controlled through the File -> Compile -> Formatting pane.

If you want everything to come out just as you see it in Scrivener’s editor, then uncheck the box to “Override text and notes formatting.”

If you want the output file to look different, then check that box, and use the commands in that pane to format each element at each outline level. See Section 24.11 of the Scrivener manual for a more detailed discussion of how this all works.

Incidentally, note that if you have included your chapter titles in the body of the file, then from Scrivener’s point of view they are body text, and will be formatted accordingly. Scrivener generally assumes that the file title in the Binder is also the title you want in the finished document.

Either approach works, you just need to make sure the Formatting pane matches what you want to do.