Maintain editor size when showing/hiding inspector

When using scrivener on a large screen, I’ve come to prefer using it in a smaller window (in front of a blank desktop background) for simplicity’s sake. Ideally, I’d like to have the option to just show the text editor, and summon the binder or inspector when needed using keyboard shortcuts.

At the moment, doing this is such a fiddle that it isn’t really an option. The outer edges of the scrivener window remain where they are, and when a hidden inspector or binder is made visible, the editor is re-sized, and the position of the text changes dramatically. When they are hidden again, it all changes back in the other direction. Totally disorientating, and you lose the position of the cursor each time.

I’d love to have an option to make the hiding and unhiding of the inspector (or binder) affect the total size of a non-maximsed scrivener window, rather than messing with the shape of the editor. I.e., so that the editor would keep its proportions and its position on the desktop, while the left or right side of the window would expand or contract to make space for the inspector or binder

Thanks for considering

ps, a clumsy workaround at present is to create windows layouts and switch between them to achieve the above. Lots of key presses involved at present, though, to switch between layouts. It’d be easier if it were possible to assign keyboard shortcuts to window layouts. That’s another feature I’d really like :smiley:

Reminded of this request by seeing another app which implements this nicely. Max 7 by Cycling 74 has hidable panes - when there is no room on the screen they appear overlapping the main workspace. But when there is room to do so, they expand outward, increasing the total width of the window, and thereby avoiding changing the size or shape of the workspace