Maintain Navgator History from one session to the next

Would it be possible to maintain the navigator history from one session to the next so that one could literally begin exactly where one stopped?

Each day, I find myself setting up about 6 documents (2 or 3 on each side of the split) that I can page through with cmd-[ and cmd-] before I even get started working.

I kind like that idea, actually.

Oh, and watch out for the Go To menu, since you take care of your history. That command also wipes history (intentionally). Useful for when you are done with a set of documents.


I had a proposal half formulated for something like that, but realised that what I was thinking up was so clearly S2.0 that I decided to hold off a bit and give it some proper thought.

Fact is, the history of individual splits is, I think, a big asset to Scrivener which gets very little attention, because of its lack of immediate presentation. Especially with the ability to “remote” navigate from the other split. Priceless ability.

I never knew you could do that. Cool trick!

There will be no Safari-style navigation. Let’s not get carried away. :slight_smile: As for saving version history between sessions… Dunno, we’ll see about that…