Maintain styling in automatic Scrivener links

When using the Automatically detect [[Scrivener links]] option, links lose their style (bold, italics…) and change capitalization when there is an exact match.

These are two different issues, styling is more of a bug while I can see how capitalization is more of a feature that not everybody would want, but I find myself writing the exact name of a document between brackets, only for it to be replaced by the capitalization style used in the document’s title, then having to go back to replace uppercase with lowercase and add italics again.

Neither the style or capitalization change when the link is not an exact match of a title: the sheet with “New Link/Link to Existing” options comes up, I select one, and as expected the link is created without my original text style being replaced in any way. Should not both do the same in this regard?


To be more specific, if a style is set before you type the first square bracket, it is maintained. If you type [[ first, then set the style to for example italics, the style is removed once you type the closing brackets and the text inside is replaced.

Is the “Automatically detect [[Scrivener links]]” option Mac only? I’m on Windows and I can’t seem to find a straight answer. Automatic free links would be amazing, but I don’t seem to have that option. I’m running Scrivener version on Windows 10. :neutral_face: