Major Formatting issues when compiling into Word

I’m writing a dissertation that contains excerpts from transcripts I prepared in T5 and MAXQDA. I cut and past them into my Scrivener document. They have to be in courier 10 font while the rest of the document has to be in Times New Roman. When I compile to Word all of my formatting is lost. The entire document appears in courier, the excerpts are no longer formatted and some of the line numbers are doubled or even tripled (1. becomes 1.1.1.) Any suggestions? Right now I’m wasting a whole lot of time reformatting the word docx.

Try selecting each excerpt and going to Format->Formatting->Preserve Formatting. That passage will now retain the font and indent settings you see inside Scrivener.

Alternately, you can un-check “Override text and notes formatting” in the Formatting pane of the Compile window, and format all of your text inside scrivener as you want it to appear (more or less; Scrivener isn’t What-you-see-is-what-you-get, so page layout isn’t really controllable from within Scrivener).


On the numbering thing, by line numbers do you mean lists in the text, like simple old bullet or enumerated lists? Or do you mean that the doubling happens on headings when you compile. Such as “Chapter 1: Chapter 1: Finally My Title”?