Major problem with cloud storage

I’ve been saving work to Dropbox for some time now. Lo and behold, without warning, my internet connection was terminated; soon after that, my laptop, which I worked most often from, began to fail. So I transferred all the files, folders and all – from the laptop to my PC. Now that my internet connection is restored, of course none of the .scriv files have any text associated with them – the folder structure is still there, but all text is missing. What hath god (i.e. my stupidity) wrought?

I am able to reacquire some work from the backups. But of the four or five backup files, I am still missing tons of work. What a mess.

I am not asking anyone to hold my hand and guide me step by step out of this pit, but hopefully give me some ideas how to retrieve about 100k words! Thanks 8)


If you poke around in the .scriv folders, and go deeper, into the Files sub-folder, ande then into Docs. There should be a lot of numbered .rtf file, along with .txt files, and whatever other kinds of files you may have imported into the project. They won’t be in any discernable order compared to your binder, but their presence will prove that your words aren’t lost. The absence of those files means something went wrong when you transfered the files.

Also of interest, just inside the .scriv folder, you should see one .scrivx file named the same as the folder, and probably no other files (some folders for certain, but no other files). If you see more files than the .scrivx file, could you list their names here? Someone will likely be able to advise you if their presence is at the root of your issue.

Also, what did you mean when you said that you transferred your files to another computer? Did you install the dropbox software and let it sync everything? Did you copy them using a thumb drive (or other physical storage device)? Did Scrivener warn you about potential issues when you tried to open them on this other computer? This could have a profound impact on Dropbox if you managed to move the files or if the computer’s shutdown caused file system corruption.

Good luck! I may not be able to follow up today or this weekend, but maybe somone else can based on your reply. Or you could contact the company’s email support to get someone more qualified to help looking at your situation.

There’s a procedure for recovering from Dropbox errors here:

It was written for the Mac version of Scrivener, but the two platforms use the same file format.


I apologize for just now coming back to this; I had given up that anyone had seen it.

Since Dropbox only retains files for 30 days, that route didn’t help me. I was in fact able to recover the lost files, however, when I poked around the hard drive that had been in my laptop. To be honest, I am still not completely clear on how all this happened, but I have since reviewed the manual, and turned off automatic backups (so I can handle them manually). My understanding is that backups are not overwritten by the program (assuming one has set a limit on the number to keep in the options settings) IF they are saved to a location other than the Backups folder.

Thank you both for trying to assist me 8)