Major problem with compile mixing up/moving folders around and cutting off text at the bottom and top

Compiled to print for the first time. tried every choice with same results. My folders end up in the wrong order once printed, even though they appear in the correct order in the compile window before print. For instance, a chapter in the middle of my manuscript printed out of order and is now the last chapter in print. Also, the text is cut off on many pages top and bottom in some cases but not on all pages. It seems the words are in a container and the container is not expanded enough to see everything in it.

Any help to fix would be greatly appreciated?

Thank you.

Compile to print is buggy.
See if it is fine compiling to PDF and if so, then print that.

I print a lot, and to do so, I compile to RTF and use LibreOffice as the “middle man”.

The messed up order of your documents is strange though. … But… One thing at a time, I guess. (You seem to have more than just one issue.)


Thank you for your help and response. I did just fix some of the issues but the program is just not seeing some of the chapters. That seems to be the real issue upon a closer look. It’s not mixing them up, they are just not recognized even though I can see them in the compile list window to the right. Also, the text did all appear normal after I did find one of the folders was outside of the manuscript and returned it.
This is quite a learning curve.

Make sure they are checked. Otherwise they won’t be included in compile.


There are known issues with Windows version 3.1.5. It randomly skips content, and this reordering seems like it fits right in with this. This post is a comment from the makers.

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