Major Sync Issues

I’m having major sync issues since updated to a windows 11 computer. My phone app sees the files, but they don’t show in dropbox and I can’t save anything. I’m having to make multiple versions on both systems. It’s frustrating to the point of almost not wanting to use or recommend scrivener anymore!

You give very few details to enable helping you. Why you are making multiple versions is a mystery. Why you “can’t save anything” while making multiple versions is a mystery. How you are trying to save is a mystery.

If you in fact save your Scrivener projects into the Dropbox folder, then anything that happens after that is outside of Scrivener’s control. It’s all Dropbox. Check to make sure that Dropbox is set to have the Scrivener folder “offline”, e.g. not only “online”. If “online”, then Dropbox will copy to their servers and then delete them local. That’s no good. Scrivener needs to have access to the files on the local file system to work.

I agree that your report is not yet clear enough for us to help. Please especially make clear what device you are speaking of when describing a symptom.

To begin, are the following correct descriptions?

  1. Scrivener on your phone is seeing and syncing with your project on dropbox just fine.
  2. But, on your new Windows machine, when you look in your Dropbox folder on that machine, you don’t find the Scrivener project.

Part of what you said suggested something like this sort of situation (other things you said sort of confound this view; hence seeking clarification).

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