Major sync problem--2 Mac files created

I have not used the Mac version for quite a while. Today I open my project on my Mac and find that the project only contains “synced documents”; these are the files I recently worked on in iOS. The original project, with all the other files, is still accessible when I try to “open recent”, but this does not contain the synced docs.
On the ios version, all the documents look as they should (one project with everything present an up to date).
What should I do?


Did you update to the latest version of Mac Scrivener? And are you sure that you opened the same project, from the Dropbox folder that your iDevice syncs to, and not an earlier one?

Thanks for the response,
Using latest version. The version of the project on my Mac, which now only contains the synced documents, is the correct file and within the dropbox folder.
The strange thing is that the complete and up to date version is present in the iOS interface.

My apologies; it appears that I was stuck in the synced documents collection and I have now managed to be able to see all the files, without any problems.
Thanks, lunk, for the help!

Happy new year!