Major system crash in full screen mode

Yesterday while writing in my favorite full screen mode I experienced 3 system crashes in which I had to do a forced shut-down of the computer. Not sure if anyone else has had this, or if the full screen mode has any link to what happened, but normally my system doesn’t do this. I stopped using Scrivener for that session and moved over to fullscreen in another application just to bang out the remaining editing. I will say that I was scrolling up and down doing a lot of editing in this mode, so perhaps there is something SnowLeopard doesn’t like about Scrivener’s full screen and all that moving around? Any feedback is welcome. Thanks…


Welcome to the forum. I have no idea what may have caused your crashes, but in cases like this you should send Keith an email at and include the crash information from the system. If the Apple crash reporter comes up, I copy all the information in that, paste it in a TextEdit document and attach that to the email. Just sending the crash report automatically to Apple really doesn’t help much, apparently, as it seems they very rarely send them on to the developers of the app in question.

If the crash reporter doesn’t come up, open the Console, which you find in Applications/Utilities, check the Crash Log part and send anything you find to do with Scrivener there to Keith.

It is only with that information that he is in a position to work out if Scrivener has caused the crash, and hopefully to do something about the underlying problem if so.



Yes, please send me any crash reports. I haven’t had any other reports of major (or minor, for that matter) crashes related to full screen mode. I have had some reports of slow down in Snow Leopard (I’ve been fixing that for a future version), but no crashes, so if you can provide me more information, that would help.

Thanks and all the best,

Sounds like a memory issue to me. Were you running other apps? How much memory does your machine have? Any plug-ins that might be trying to intervene? A full crash report should be helpful.

Thank you all for the prompt replies. I’ll try to reproduce the problem and pass on crash info to Keith.

As an aside, it shouldn’t be a memory issue as I’ve got 4 gigs and did not have many apps running in the background. But who knows, hopefully we’ll get it sorted soon.

If it helps, here are my tech specs:
MacBook Pro, late 2008
2.4 GHz Intel Core 2 Due
200 Gig HD
4 Gig RAM
OSX SnowLeopard

And by the way, I love Scrivener! Thanks for such a great application.

Not being at the system I can only make a few diagnostic recommendations.

If you have Tech tool run a full diagnostic. Focus on CPU, RAM, and vid RAM,

“Memory issue” seems like a good candidate, but I would suspect failing bits that not lack of free mem.

Pay close attention to vid RAM. A bad bit here is less likely but has been known to happen.

I am not aware of any mac systems being hit, but some 2.4 C2D chips have been failing in my world. If you see any CPU fails that would be bad.

All that junk out of the way, I would expect something more like a kernel panic if these were the cause. So don’t worry until you get a positive hit for an error.

I’m having a Full Screen freak out!

Snow Leopard, new MacBook Pro, 4 gig memory, Scri 1.53.

I loaded 100 files into an Edit Scrivenings session (23k words), tried to switch into Full Screen mode and Scrivener hung on the “Loading Text” window (tried this multiple time, restart Scri, restart computer, close all other applications, no happiness). OK, Scrivener can’t take that many files in full screen, so I tried subsets of the files but got very inconsistent results, sometimes it would load them into full screen, sometimes it would hang on loading text.

So I gathered a much smaller group of files into Full Screen and started to type and it really got crazy. Text was being entered NOT at the cursor location, but at two other locations in the next file in the ES simultaneously on the screen, and it WAS NOT the text I was typing, rather it was entering an odd character or two and then retyping the text at these two locations. Freaking weird.

Never got a system crash though.


Could you zip up the project and send it to me at support AT literatureandlatte DOT com? Full screen should be able to handle that fine… That said, Snow Leopard slowed down the text system (again), so it does run slower on 10.6. I recently spent over a month optimising the text system for 2.0, as there are some slowdowns occurring in 1.5x, especially in full screen, so 2.0 should be zippy as anything, but unfortunately most of those fixes can’t be applied to 1.5x because of underlying differences. But at the same time, obviously it shouldn’t be that bad!