Make a questionaire.

I am trying to make a questionnaire. I would like the questions to be displayed in blue font and the answers on the next in black font. No matter what I do the answer lines revert to blue font.

The main thing to bear in mind here is that when you click into text, newly typed text will take its typing attributes - its formatting, and thus its colour - from the letter immediately preceding the click location. When you are clicking into a blank line, the text will take its colour from the return character that ended the line before. Therefore, you should ensure that the return character after the question uses the colour you want.

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Thanks, got it.


You could also use paragraph styles for this. If you create a “question” paragraph style with blue font, and make sure the “next” style is either “no style”, or a custom “answer” style, then it becomes pretty easy to write questions and answers in the colors you want them to be in. If both questions and answers are each single paragraphs, then the answer style could have a “next style” of “question”, so that every paragraph alternates blue/black/blue/black…

Another approach: Create document templates that have default boilerplate text styled the way you want, with the answer document indented beneath the question document. Using the “default new document template” setting for the folder you’re writing your Questions and Answers in to use this nested pair of documents means that a new Q/A pair can be created with the CMD-N keyboard shortcut.

Once you’re done writing all your questions and answers out, you can then, if you prefer, merge all the documents into one.

Thanks for the advice. I will try it.