Make Adaptive titles on index cards permanent

I have a very paired-down scriv file that contains one line in each synopsis. Thus, each index card has an adaptive title (equal to the synopsis). Is there a way to make that adaptive title hard coded/permanent (not literally). I tried some autofill options but didn’t work. Any thoughts?

Just copy/paste it in the title.

The function is intended for the editor content.

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Thanks. I was trying to avoid that, but I guess I just need to buck up and get it done.

What is the main purpose for this exercise? In terms of how the software itself handles them, there are very few cases where these are treated differently from “real” titles, and should be thought of as such. The few exceptions are in cases where you really do want to know the difference, and compile behaviour.

And for the latter, there is a setting, in the gear menu button of the Section Layouts compile format option pane, to treat adaptive titles as printable.

All of which is to say: there is no feature for doing this (only the opposite), because in nearly every way the distinction between a title typed in here, versus typed in someplace else, well and truly does not matter.

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The main purpose: When importing a scrivener file to “Plottr” I don’t have the option of any setting and it doesn’t recognize adapative headings. Plottr imports directly from the SCRIV file (not an export). I plan on submitting a request to Plottr to adjust for this. So, in the mean time I went back and cut and pasted the titles, and then reimported. Certainly not a Scrivener problem.

Also thank you for pointing out the option in the Section settings - I didn’t realize that was there and am sure I’ll use it in the future. I agree - no need for Scrivener to consider any feature around this.


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