Make all Scrivener Windows Transparent (and back again)

At risk of reverting the subject…

veshman, I guess am thinking that, if making the Scriv window transparent for a minute would suit your purpose, then OS X’s command-tab to toggle between browser and Scrivener should turn the trick just as well. No mods or hacks needed.

Just a thought.


I had been doing a lot of CMD-tabbing, which is good but not great. It’s just that when I’m copying numbers such as quotes, or telephone numbers for conference calls, etc, I run the risk of not remembering it all properly and then having to switch back…and it’s just easier and faster to be able to type while looking at what I want. (This never was a problem on the dual-headed desktop because there was enough screen real estate). But on a Macbook, it gets to be a bit of an issue.

I’ve actually been doing it all morning and it’s great.

In the screenshots above, I happily stand corrected! Previously, even if I selected a long path, the scrollbar would not appear. But I just double checked, and it actually does work. So I am very happy to report that the fsck and applejack stuff worked to correct whatever system wierdness I was having and I don’t have to go through the restore process!

Thanks to all of you in helping me solve both issues.