Make Binder-view side-scrollable

The Binder shows my document’s outline with items and their many sub-catagories. This ends up with much of my Binder view empty because I’ve got so many sub-items that they get pushed off to the right almost out of sight.

I wish there was a way to make the Binder view be side-scrollable. Then I could scroll it to the side so the area I want to see in my outline is visible. That would be terrifically helpful.

I’ll try to attach a picture of what my Binder looks like now:

Why don’t you just make it wider? :slight_smile:

A good suggestion, and I do resize the binder when I need to see the whole thing. But when using my laptop, that wide binder can take up a lot of screen space, and again, when the outline “tree” is really deep, that means a lot of the binder-space on the left is just blank, with the informative bits way to the right. So that can be a lot of blank screen-space.

It’s not a critical issue, because as you say I can see the full outline when I need to by making the binder extra wide, but it’d be nice to have it easily scrollable to just show what I need.

Your screen shot appears to be from the Mac version. If that’s the case, then try using the full screen mode (not to be confused with Compose mode), and hide the binder. It slides over your editor when you move the cursor to the left edge of the screen. If that’s not wide enough, there’s a hidden option that will widen the slide-in binder; enter this in a Terminal window (but quit Scrivener first):

defaults write com.literatureandlatte.scrivener2 BinderSlideInWidth -int 400

If that doesn’t make the slide-in binder a good width, adjust the number at the end, up or down as you prefer and re-run the command.

Yes I’m on Mac, so I may try that Terminal command. I might also be able to link the “View/Layout/Reveal Binder” keyboard shortcut to a screen-edge trigger with Quicksilver or some such. Then the size of the Binder would be easily adjustable without Terminal, and I could activate the Binder by mousing over the screen-edge.

I do think it would be more efficient for me If I could adjust the view within the Binder space. So here we are on the Wish List.

There are no plans to make it side-scrollable, as I’d find that really annoying, but one other thing you can do is hoist the binder. If you want to work with one of the deep sub-groups, select that group and use Documents > Hoist Binder. That group will become all that’s visible in the binder.
All the best,

Oh Kieth, that’s perfect!

“Documents/Hoist Binder” I never knew you could do that. I don’t even know what Hoist means in a GUI sense. The floating-scroll menu thing I’ve only seen in one other app (Scratch-Live DJ program). It was very disconcerting at first, but has been useful, so I see its value.

Using this Hoist Binder to focus on the level I need is quite friendly I think. Mostly I’m working on one sub-level of my outline for a while, so I can set it to that level and I can see just what I need to. Nice!